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Gilke Eeckhoudt


1974 – Belgian – Executive

Gilke Eeckhoudt holds a master’s degree in Business Economics from the University of Ghent and a Diploma in Global Business from the University of Oxford, where she is currently studying a master in Practical Ethics.

Gilke started her career in 1997 at ASLK bank and Fortis bank in Belgium, where she had several key management roles in Sales and Marketing. In 2006 she was appointed Director Marketing and Communications.

In 2010 she joined Fortis Insurance as Head of Branding and Advertising to create a new identity and positioning as “Ageas” in the international insurance market. Two years later she became Corporate Communications Director.

In June 2019, Gilke took on the role of Group Strategy and Corporate Affairs Director. She was tasked among other things with leading a group-wide think tank “Think 2030” and spearheading the development of Ageas’s new long-term sustainable growth strategy “Impact24”.

On 1 September 2021, Gilke was appointed Chief Development and Sustainability Officer (CDSO), leading all transversal business initiatives for the Group within Business Development, Technology Development & Sustainability and supporting the Groupwide implementation of Impact24.

Mandates and positions held


  • CDSO

Other mandates within Ageas

  • Member of the Board of Directors of Ageas Federal Life Insurance Co Ltd (as from 26 October 2023)