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Supervision, Audit and Accounting policies

External Supervision

Ageas is subject to different forms of external supervision.

The regulatory framework within which Ageas operates is based on Ageas’s status as an insurance group and on the status of ageas SA/NV as a listed company.


As providers of insurance services, all insurance companies within Ageas are subject to prudential supervision by the national supervisory bodies for insurance in their domicile country.

In addition to the above, Ageas is also subject to the supplementary supervision as prescribed in the EU directive on the supervision of insurance holding companies. Supplementary supervision covers areas such as the shareholding structure, the reliability of directors and management, the organisational structure, the investment policy, risk concentration and intra-group activities.

Supplementary supervision is exercised by the competent authorities of the member state in which the insurance undertaking has received official authorisation. Where insurance undertakings authorised in two or more member states have as their parent undertaking the same insurance holding company, the competent authorities of the member states concerned may reach agreement as to which of them will be responsible for exercising supplementary supervision.

In practice, Ageas is subject to the prudential supervision of the Belgian National Bank.

As an issuer of listed securities, the Company is subject to the listing requirements of Euronext Brussels and it is subject to supervision by the Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA).

In each of its customer markets, Ageas is also subject to supervision regarding the quality of its products and services and their compliance with codes of conduct and professionalism.

External Auditors

In compliance with the local legal rules and regulations, the Annual General Meeting of 16 May 2018, appointed PwC Bedrijfsrevisoren/Réviseurs d’entreprises, as new external auditor for Ageas Group, for the mandatory term of three years, with effect from the 2018 financial year.